Hatherleigh Moor Landowner

Deb Laing-Trengrove



The Lady of the Manor, Deb Laing-Trengrove, a member of Hatherleigh Moor Management Committee claimed the moor as hers, with a nominal value of £25,000, without any reference to the rights of the PotBoilers with the Land Registry in 2012, this claim was made without a map showing its boundaries. In addition she claimed under a separate Title Deed the land, with map, between Yollaberry and the moor which easily could have been included in the Moor registration with maps. Normal practice is that a map accompanies a registration of property with the Land Registry. No publicity accompanied these claims which is common practice. It is assumed she informed the Hatherleigh Moor Management Committee at the time who didnít raise any objections.

Deb Laing-Trengrove is also a committee member of Hatherleigh Council and a former Mayor (link to town council page about Deb)