Potboiler Monies Management

How are your funds spent?


It has been very problematic to find out how Potboiler funds have been spent over the past 65 or so years. Concerned Potboilers have made many attempts to engage privately with both the Secretary/Treasurer and the Chairman, without success. It was only 5 years ago, in 2015, that the first set of yearly accounts was permitted to be viewed and handed back during the AGM that year. Since then accounts have been made available at each AGM.

So how are funds spent? Since 2015, over £100,000.00 has been distributed to Non-Potboiler causes. These are, in the main, causes which the committee are affiliated which include the churches, Football and Cricket clubs, Carnival amoung others.

Potboilers have never been consulted as to where these funds are allocated. Yes, as a resident in the town you may well see some benefit from these donations, however, only if you also have a link to the benefiting cause. We consider all outgoings should be decided at the AGM on a vote when all PotBoiler Houseolds can be represented.

The Chairman receives a yearly amount of £750.00 and is also paid for any work he does on Hatherleigh Moor as well as £5,976.19 for grazing his stock!

The Secretary/Treasurer receives the yearly amount of £1500.00 for his services

The accounts also show that yearly £5,000.00 is paid The Secretary/Treasurers son, for grazing his livestock on the Moor

As noted in Government Grants section, the active grazier potboilers receive half of the monies gained through government’s single farm payment scheme.

The HMMC have spent Potboiler funds on solicitors fees, instead of entering in meaningful debate with the concerned PotBoilers.