Government Grants



Since 26th June 2003 HMMC have been able to apply for government grants, on behalf of the wider Potboiler community. The amounts made available to HMMC have varied over that time and currently approx. £40,000.00 is claimed annually. This is good news? You would certainly think so, however, in October 2016, a motion was put to the committee suggesting that the active graziers should receive half of the government funding. The committee then voted on the motion in a private meeting and without any consultation with the Potboilers. In a report from a concerned grazier they stated that” not one member of the committee declared a conflict of interest and no one removed themselves from the room or voting process.

When challenged about this decision, HMMC have stated that only graziers can apply for the government funding. THIS IS NOT TRUE. The BPS Active Farmer Test clearly shows that even with no animals grazing, farmers can still avail of the grants. We know of local farmers that claim but do not have any stock. In this situation, HMMC, acting on behalf of Potboilers, is the Active Framer.