What is a Potboiler ?



A Potboiler, by definition, is someone who stirred the pot on an open fire to provide food for their family. Potboilers were primarily the poorest families at the time. In 1951, the agricultural rights to Hatherleigh Moor were returned to the Potboilers, following a period of time when it was used for food production during the war. Hatherleigh Moor consists of approx. 425 acres

A Potboiler household has a specific allocation of the number of cattle and\or sheep that you can graze on Hatherleigh Moor for a small weekly fee.

They also are entitled to claim the Token Payment annually from HMMC, this is currently £65 a year. There are approx. 100 households who are not claiming their token payment – this is something that should be looked into.

Every year HMMC give away large amounts of Potboiler funds to “good causes”, a lot of these are non-Potboiler good causes and the wider community in Hatherleigh benefit. Whilst it is wonderful to help out these “good causes” would it not be prudent to consult with Potboilers how they want their funds spent? And not just causes that are affiliated to the committee members? It has been suggested that Potboiler Hardship Grant could be set up for Potboilers to apply for or perhaps a Potboiler Education Bursary. What do you think? Have you suggestions as to where you would like to se this money spent? Please feel free to send your feedback here “Have your say” using the button at the bottom left of the screen, only available after you Register/Login.









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