Constitutional Change

1951 vs 2018


When the grazing rights of Hatherleigh Moor were returned to the Potboilers in 1951, there was a consititution in place. This remained the same for 67 years and was only changed in 2018 following several years of the Committee blocking questions from concerned Potboilers. It is obvious that the new Constitution was brought in swiftly to act as a gag to anyone who challenged the Committees decisions.


In laymans terms, the committee donít have to answer to anyone in relation to their handling of Potboilers monies, government grants, grazing rights, Potboiler yearly token payments or indeed monies paid out to members of the committee. They have decided that the committee is established as an Unincorporated Association and in doing so, cannot be held accountable under law as they are not considered a legal entity. They cannot sue or be sued. In deciding to be an Unincorporated Assoc, they are now liable forcorporation tax and have recently had to pay out £10,400.00 plus accountancy fees of £2,392.80