Committee Interests

who is rolling the dice?


Since 1951 and the establishment of Hatherleigh Moor Management Committee in 1952 the position of Secretary/Treasurer been held by Mr Geoffrey Cleverdon. The Committee was set up to oversee the grazing condition of Hatherleigh Moor and the interests of the Potboilers.

It is clear for everyone to see that Hatherleigh Moor has indeed been kept in good grazing condition, however, can the same be said for the interests of the Potboilers?

The graziers benefit from the Moor being kept in good condition – they graze their cattle and sheep there at low cost and now they are being paid large amounts from the government agricultural grants awarded to HMMC on behalf of the Potboilers. To add salt to the wound, the committee voted this motion in without consulting the wider Potboiler community and which involved serious conflicts of interest.


It was uncovered in the accounts that some £150 from the Potboiler account was held in Premium Bonds. On further investigation, it transpired that these Premium Bonds were actually held in the name of Mr Geoffrey Cleverdon and it remains unclear how long these were held for and how much income they generated. Were any winnings paid into the Potboiler account? At best this was very unprofessional. See solicitors letter under Nitty Gritty, you will need to log in first.


As previously discussed in Monies Management, large sums of money from the Potboiler account are distributed to “good causes” It really must give the Secretary/Treasurer and the Chairman such a great sense of generosity to be handing out these sizable donations. The concern here, is that these “good causes” have affiliation with the committee. For example, in 2016/2017 accounts it shows that The Allotment Association, of which Ms Deb Laing-Trengrove is the Town Council representative, was given £7696.00. Also in 2018/2019, the Town Council were awarded £2000.00 from the Potboiler account. There many other instances.


As there are only accounts available since 2015/2016, it is impossible to know where any monies have gone prior to that date. In all the years, since the committees inception, they have never once consulted with the general Potboiler community on how they would like their funds spent.